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The Strategy Execution Management System: Overview
The Strategy Execution Management System : Overview
Our experience inside organizations helped us in realizing the fact that even in today's digital economy, functions are operating in compartmentalised way. If business wants to respond to the volatile market well, it must be agile and the top management can no more afford in running various projects in silos. In fact, after the 'Cultural barrier', this is one of the major challenges that top management face. They have to tackle this issue in a very systematic manner if they have to successed in the Strategy Execution. This is exactly where the Strategy Execution Management System will come as a handy tool.
The Balanced Scorecard or BSC- practice helps establishing a common language within your company that people at all levels can understand and communicate while you drive through the strategic initiatives for sustainability. BSC, one of the most influential strategic management tools in the last 75 years, is an approach to the performance measurement that combines traditional financial measures with non-financial measures to provide with the most relevant information about the activities companies are managing. It helps in consolidating metrics across functions and aligning them with central strategy.

With our industry experience, we have come up with a solid software framework fabric viz: KPIwoven® which can assist you in effectively consolidate metrics across functions and align them with the central strategy. It also provides comprehensive visibility to performance KPIs, KRIs etc. while you actually execute strategy.

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ProjVu software is blended offering from NavisRx that delivers web-based EVMS- Earned Value Management System- which is essentially a Project Performance Management. Experience managing performance of all projects across enterprise from one window!. Also measure and manage the project performance impact while execute business strategies.

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sparkSHARE software is unique standalone as well as blended offering from NavisRx that delivers web-based document cum knowledge management. With sparkSHARE create your own private groups dynamically for discussions and for creating and sharing articles related to your projects/ work. This product also comes with KPIwoven ver 6.2 above as an option

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