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KPIwoven® is web-based, secure software framework that delivers Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and Business Performance Management (BPM) solution. It enables you in effectively consolidating metrics across functions and align them with the central strategy. It also provides comprehensive visibility to KGIs, KPIs, KRIs etc. while you actually execute strategy. NavisRx is probably the first software engineering unit in India for blending COBIT with BSC. It is a comprehensive BSC software framework that addresses Strategic, Tactical and Operational aspects of your organization. With its built-in Insta-Messaging you can assign action items and track through for better visibility of your business performance. The software supports Project Performance Management EVMS that provides comprehensive insights to your initiatives while you track Business scores. KPIwoven helps you looking beyond traditional KPI tracking and business analytics. Take a look at the KPIwoven- Product showcase.
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Future-proof Web-based Balanced Scorecard and Business Performance Management Software
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Transform the way you manage Business Processes, Risks and Performance with KPIwoven- software framework....look beyond simply automating spreadsheet based Balanced Scorecard.

Catalyst in achieving Sustainability

Better Visibility to the Functional Alignment to achieve synergy

Greater Control over Strategy Execution

Leverage your existing IT- infrastructure by getting insights to your dispersed data. Move away from spreadsheets

Get a holistic yet pragmatic view of the health of the organization

Better Control over Revenue Leakage

Think beyond automating Balanced Scorecard

Establish Common Language across functions and SBUs that helps in understanding Strategic Initiatives and achieving your Business Vision.
C-Level Business Executives and Senior Business Executives are facilitated with right insights at right point in time. KPIwoven software framework provides answers to the challenges of senior executives by providing them scorecards and dashboards at an ease of a mouse-click.

User Friendly Strategy configurator

Better Visibility to the Cause and Effect Model while executing strategy

Built-in Communication platform to assign action items and to track through performance improvements.

Interactive Scorecards that provide visibility to the Business Objectives, Goals, Projects and Programs.

Get Function-wise performance reviews

Heat Charts for business executives to track through the Business Risks

Review Reports for effective people management

Special Dashboards for Co-relation, Visualization and WHAT-IF analysis
For decades, CIOs have been striving to align their IT/IS Function with ever demanding Business needs. Visibility to the IT- operational challenges and their impact on the Business are the imperatives to any CIO. KPIwoven- software framework, provides answers to the challenges CIOs face.

Add value of IT to Business

Self configurable CIO Dashboard

Better Visibility to the IT's alignment with Business

Built-in Communication platform to assign action item and to track through for performance improvements

Review Reports for effective people management

Special Dashboards for Co-relation, Visualization and WHAT-IF analysis